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April Who?

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day but I’m ready. Like most people I’ve already been tricked more times than I can count. You might consider yourself a good, honest person – trusting, but with a healthy dose of skepticism – and still on any given day you could be fooled by:

A deceptive ad

A bogus website

An email scam

A phony friend

A false promise

A cheatin’ heart

The fake news

A lying author/speaker/guru/internet messiah

A “FREE” all expense paid trip for two to fabulous LAS VEGAS!!!!!

No wonder we’re a nation of doubters. A poll found that up to 20% of Americans believe the moon landings were faked. And that’s even after being shown a sample of actual moon cheese.Maybe all any of us can do is to try to live as honestly as possible, to represent ourselves and our brands to the world as truthfully as we can and to seek out those who do likewise. Because in the end, as trite as it sounds, honesty really is the best policy. To live any other way is just…foolish.