Crane Aerospace & Electronics is a technology manufacturing company that makes a variety of highly engineered products for Boeing, Airbus and NASA. As Marketing Communications Manager, Greg led a team of four in a rebranding and total refresh of all internal and external communications with the theme, 'Mission-Critical', reinforcing the idea that Crane's products offer the ultimate in reliability, even in the most extreme conditions.

First, a set of icons was designed to represent the six solutions groups.
Trade shows are often a customer's first contact with a company. We refreshed Crane's trade show presence with an eye-catching new design and a booth that is easy to transport and set up.
The pamphlet style capabilities brochure was expanded to a full size 16-page piece with dramatic product stories that help illustrate the company's long history and stature in the industry.
The quarterly internal magazine was redesigned to make it more appealing to a wider audience.
The website was redesigned as a modern, responsive brand asset with a full Drupal CMS and dramatic full screen images in keeping with the 'Mission-Critical' brand strategy.
We designed immersive wall graphics for the customer areas that reinforced the breadth of Crane's product line and their large footprint in the industry.
Lastly, we reinvigorated the company's social media presence with a series of animated product videos.