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NEW WORK: Gas Works Park Renderings

Welsh&Co. produced these renderings for Seattle Department of Parks and Rec to show their planned renovation of the popular Gas Works Park.

NEW WORK: Law Firm Website Design

This prominent law firm had outgrown their old website and needed a refreshed design that better served mobile users and better represented them as leaders in their field. The design we came up with portrays them as “problem solvers” and partners to their clients.

The Origins of April Fools

It’s said that April Fool’s originated in the 1500s when France switched from the Julian calendar, in which the new year was celebrated on April 1, to the Gregorian calendar, which made January 1 the beginning of the new year. Anybody who continued to celebrate the new year on April 1st was branded an “April Fool”. Except in France they shout, “Poisson d’Avril!” which means, literally, “April Fish!” (“April fish” refers to a young fish, thus one easily caught.) Ok. In Scotland, where April 1 is devoted to spoofs involving the buttocks and who’s citizens are credited with inventing the classic “Kick Me!” sign, they refer to the pranked as an April “gowk”, the Scottish word for cuckoo.

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NEW WORK: Rebranding and Website Design

We created a new identity for UVillage Endodontics based on a tree that displays its roots (an endodontist does root canals) as a subtle reference to the nearby University Village shopping mall. We’re following that up with a responsive website that positions the practice as professional and caring.

Why The Shape Of A Company’s Logo Matters

target logo

From Fast Company, something to think about if you are considering a new logo: “…whether it’s an apple or big golden arches, a logo is crucial to a company’s identity. Now, new research says that logos are even more important than businesses and consumers realize. A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that even just a basic element of logos—their shape—affects how people perceive a company and its products.”

NEW WORK: Branding and Collateral Design for Web Application

Cascadia Consulting asked Welsh&Co. to design a brand identity and brochure for their ECO Diversion Calculator, an online application that helps municipalities increase diversion and maximize the efficiency of their waste collection. The logo illustrates the idea with three diverging arrows, representing the waste stream being divided into its component parts: garbage, compostables and recycling. The brochure extolled the product’s benefits with icons and a minimum of copy.

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NEW WORK: Joseph Kaftan Mosaics Website


A prolific mosaic artist, Joseph Kaftan needed a site to display his diverse body of work. With so many pieces we decided to break the images into four categories and display them in scrolling galleries with the identity and navigation fixed on the left.

See the site here.